2021 Awards Nominations & Winners


Music - Mainstage Act of the Year

Lennon Stella - Video: Lennon Stella

Valley - Video: Valley

*WINNER* The Reklaws - Video: The Reklaws

Tim Hicks - Video: Tim Hicks

Rich Aucoin - Video: Rich Aucoin

Music - DJ of the Year

A Tribe Called Red - Video: A Tribe Called Red

*WINNER* Junaid - Video: Junaid

Track Avenue - Video: Track Avenue

Music - Singer Songwriter of the Year

Manny Torres - Video: Manny Torres

*WINNER* J8ke - Video: J8ke

Comedian of the Year

*WINNER* Eric Johnston - Video: Eric Johnston

Lecturer of the Year

*WINNER* Britta B. - Website: Britta B.

Kim Katrin Milan - Website: Kim Katrin 

Shaun Boothe - Website: Shaun Boothe

*WINNER* Dr. Justine Shuey - Video: Dr. Justine Shuey      Website: Dr. Justine Shuey

Jordan Axani - Website: Jordan Axani

Variety Entertainer of the Year

*WINNER* We Got Game - Website: We Got Game

Samantha Bitty - Website: Samantha Bitty

Wes Barker - Video: Wes Barker 

Outstanding Service - Associate

*WINNER* Big Tree Promotions - Website: Big Tree Promotions

Real Campus - Website: Real Campus

Student Life Network - Blog: Student Life Network       Website: Canada's Luckiest Student

Degy Entertainment - Website: Degy Entertainment

X-Events - Video: X-Events

Outstanding Service - Agent

Hector Sarne - Bespoken Bureau 

*WINNER* Tim Fraser - Degy

Jeff Lohnes - Talent Bureau

Andrew Pupolin - Sidestage Presents


School Staff Member of the Year

Alain Cyr Russo - La Cité
Alain has been working for the student association of La Cité for 10 years. He initially started as a events coordinator and quickly worked his way up the chain as Manager of student life. He manages and run's the student association's foodbank, clubs and events. During COVID, Alain turned on a dime and has managed most of his virtual events on his own. From Virtual bingo, to quiz, Deal or no Deal and virtual concert. In the virtual world, Alain is the event coordinator, host and live coordinator. He has brought alot of content for the SA's social media. Alain is a true team player.

*WINNER* Hayley Press - Conestoga College
Hayley is a shining example of what all young professionals want to be and what companies want to have. I am honored to say I have played a small role in Hayley's growth and in her inevitably successful future. Any organization would be lucky to have someone so passionate and driven on their team. - Conestoga Students Inc.

Devin Hurst - St. Clair College
Devin is the Manager of Student Experience for the Student Representative Council (SRC) at St. Clair College. In 2015, Devin began working for the SRC and hasn’t stopped since! Devin believes that combining programming, awareness campaigns and club activities help provide a well-rounded and diverse array of experiences and opportunities for the students of St. Clair as well as enhance the sense of student life on campus! Her eagerness to help students and dedication to executing fun and meaningful programming make her an asset to the SRC team.

Patrick Newell - Algonquin College
Patrick has been with COCA for numerous years and he continues to grow in his role with the Algonquin SA.  He started his journey with Algonquin as the Clubs and Communities Coordinator and worked his way into the Marketing Assistant role and he has now earned himself a leading role in the SA world as the Senior Manager, Student Life.  Not only has Patrick grown in his role with his SA, but he has also been involved with COCA for years and has had an active role in producing the education program, as well as offering advice and guidance on how COCA could grow and be the best organization it can be.

Tyler Heatherington - Fanshawe College
Tyler is currently the Events and Activities Coordinator for the Fanshawe Student Union for the last 4 school years. Tyler brings in experience from the independent music scene where he was involved with concerts, events, radio broadcasting, grant writing, music production and promotion for over 10 years. He has an undeniable passion for events and student involvement of all kinds and prides himself in always trying to be one step ahead of the curve. He has held many roles in the past with COCA and continues to be involved where he can. 

School Student Member of the Year - East

*WINNER* Kielan Pilgrim - St. Francis Xavier University
Kielan is responsible for overseeing the organization, planning and facilitation of all student-led events at the university. Organizes events for X-Fest, X Ring, Frost Week, Convocation, and any other events that the executive board wishes to pursue. Responsible for all financial systems related to events. Coordinates events at The Golden X Inn alongside the bar manager. Assists the Society Coordinator in the co-ordination of all campus societies. Works with the Vice President Residence Affairs in the planning of all House Hockey Cups. Kielan is currently the Eastern Region Director & Secretary for COCA. 
Term ending June 2022

School Student Member of the Year - Central

*WINNER* Vedant Tiwari - Sir Sandford Fleming College
Vedant is a student in the Computer Engineering Technician program. He loves having conversations and you’ll see me on campus often talking with someone. As a Director Vedant wants to work to make your student life memorable and provide students with opportunities to get involved in campus. SAC is always here to support you and hear your feedback or concerns. Vedant believes that Fleming College gives you beyond learning experience, it is not just a place where you get your education but also you learn about life, people, diversity, and a lot more.

Tom Price - Niagara College
“I believe that my three years of on-campus involvement at Niagara College have fostered respectful and trustworthy relationships with fellow students, faculty, and administrators and will set me apart,” said Price. “I hope that my team and I provide the necessary support and services to ensure student success."
“In the future, I see enhanced collaborations and improved partnerships with all departments in the College, a sincere inclusivity with all students, and an organization that embodies the spirit of student life.”