Board of Directors & Staff

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Board Chair 

Chair of the Board & Central Region Director
Welcome to the board page ! If you're looking to get involved with COCA through our committees, or even running for the board next June, I'm always up for chatting about this amazing organization, or even just the student life industry as a whole. 

 Andy Hall
 Manager, Marketing Communications, SAC
 Niagara College
 Tel: 905-537-0438
 (term ends: June, 2022)


Central Region Director
Senior Manager, Student Life -  Algonquin SA
Algonquin College - Ottawa
Tel: (613) 727 - 4723, x6922
(term ends: June, 2022)

Western Region Director
Jessica Levesque 
Programs & Services Manager
University of the Fraser Valley - Abbotsford
Tel: 604-864-4613 ext.4377
(term ends: June, 2022)

Western Region Director
position vaccant
(term ends: June, 2022)

Eastern Region Director
Kyra Tessier
VP Activities and Events 
St Francis Xavier University
(term ends: June, 2022)

Eastern Region Director
Venna Penney
Director of Events
Mount Allison University 
(term ends: June, 2023) 

Associates' Director
Amanda Barbosa
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Audience Engagement
Student Life Network
(term ends: June, 2022)

Associates' Director
Jeff Lohnes
Talent Bureau
(term ends: June , 2023)

Chair,  Conference Committee
Alain Cyr - Russo
Directeur a la vie etudiante
Association Etudiante De La Cite
Tel: 613 - 742 - 2493
(term ends: June, 2022) 

Past - Chair,  Conference Committee
Whitney Piper
Steele Centre Manager
Fleming College Student Administrative Council
Tel: 705-749-5530
(term ends: June, 2022)


 Executive Director
 Kenneth MacLeod
 Canadian Organization of Campus Activities
 Tel: (613) 614-6686