Board of Directors & Staff

COCA Board President & Central Region Director
Alain Cyr-Russo
Senior Manager, Student Life
Algonquin Students’ Association - Ottawa Ontario
(term ends: June 2024)
Western Region Director
Delane Howie
Manager Programming
University of Alberta Students' Union - Edmonton, Alberta
(term ends: June 2025)
Western Region Director - Vacant

Central Region Director (Secretary)
Hayley Press
Events Manager
Conestoga Students Inc - Kitchener, Ontario
(term ends: June 2025)
Eastern Region Director
(term ends: June 2024)
Eastern Region Director
(term ends: June 2025)

Associates' Director
Amanda Barbosa
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Audience Engagement
Student Life Network
(term ends: June 2024)

Chair, Conference Committee
Crystal Benn
Manager, Facilities & Operations
St. Clair - Windsor, Ontario
(term ends: June 2024)
Future-Chair, Conference Committee
Danny Connelly
Director of Programming & Events
Sheridan College - Oakville, ON
(term ends: June 2025)

Executive Director
Jennifer Wanke
Canadian Organization of Campus Activities
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