RECHARGE JAN 2023 - Education Program



ED SESSION block 1 - Tuesday January 17

11:45 am PST / 12:45 pm MST / 1:45 pm CST / 2:45 pm EST / 3:45 pm AST


Guestology: Understanding Your Audience

Presented by: Josh Connauton (Senior Manager, Student Services) - University of Alberta Students' Union

Guestology is the art and science of knowing and understanding customers. It can be used for almost every type of business and service and helps provide

guidance on why your organization exists. It involves thinking about the needs, wants, stereotypes, and emotions of those customers interacting with your

program. This presentation will show you how to apply guestology to both your events and volunteer programs.


Sponsorship and External Revenue Generation

Presented by: Craig Turner (Director, Business Operations) and Todd Anderson (Business Development) - University of Alberta Students' Union

Perhaps you've thought about starting a corporate sponsorship program to generate some new revenue. Maybe you've done sponsorship in the past but you're not certain on how to take it to the next level. This presentation will walk through some of the key elements of a successful sponsorship program--from how to find and acquire the right sponsors, to developing sponsorship agreements and getting internal buy-in, to the details of on-site execution and post-event follow-ups--all with the goal of developing long-term sponsor relationships that benefit your association and, ultimately, the students you represent.



ED SESSION block 2 - Tuesday January 17

1:00pm PST / 2:00pm MST / 3:00pm CST / 4:00pm EST / 5:00pm AST


Major Events: How to survey, price, budget, offer, contract, market, advance & execute a major event in 45 minutes!

Presented by: Ari Nisman - Degy Entertainment

From the offer process, through contracts and riders, handling promotions and marketing, to talent hand-holding and ticket sales, this session will take you step-by-step through the process of building a successful major campus event. Attendees will learn how to evaluate buying an act by reviewing radio metrics, ticket charts, pricing sheets, and more -- then will prepare an example offer sheet for their favorite major artist!


Be a Positive Force for Change as a Visionary Leader

Presented by: Dave Kelly - Professional Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Coach

This session is all about advocacy, activism, and how to influence decision makers. Pulling examples from any realm: history, news, philanthropy, health, etc., attendees will work in groups to critically evaluate events and advocacies. Attendees should expect active participation throughout the session!




ROUNDTABLE SESSION - Thursday January 19

10:00am PST / 11:00am MST / 12:00pm CST / 1:00pm EST / 2:00pm AST


Topics Will Include:

*Finish strong: Event ideas for the rest of this semester

*Beyond Booths: Creative Promotional Ideas

*Supporting clubs through transition and turnover

*Sponsorship and External Revenue Generation



ED SESSION block 3 - Thursday January 19

11:45 am PST / 12:45 pm MST / 1:45 pm CST / 2:45 pm EST / 3:45 pm AST


Strategies for Event Accessibility and Universal Design

Presented by: Dr. Mebbie Bell (Student Equity and Accessibility Facilitation Director) - University of Alberta

In this session, we will be discussing the foundations of universal design and accessibility in event planning and communications. Attendees will participate in scenario discussions and learn about some great resources and tangible steps to improve their events by creating a barrier-free environment for everyone.


Intentional Gatherings: Planning for Inclusion and Equity

Presented by: Tim Ira (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specialist) - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Many of us have pre-event checklists to track progress and mitigate certain “what-if’s.” Does your’s include questions about inclusion and equity? If inclusive, gatherings can effectively promote a sense of belonging for students. If equitable, good events can be the impetus for a transformation of culture. We will explore how to intentionally factor in early some principles of equity and diversity into planning so that we can action them during events and provide inclusive experiences.