One of the most important services which COCA provides to the campus activities community is the holding of various conferences. These events provide opportunities for student leaders and staff to learn through conference education programs, to exchange ideas by networking with delegates from other schools, to assess new entertainers and guest speakers who showcase at the conference, and to discover more about the services offered by campus activities suppliers. 

The COCA National Conference, recently renamed Student Life Summit, takes place annually in June and brings together delegates from schools across the country. It is organized by the COCA Board of Directors under the leadership of a school member appointed as the Conference Committee Chair.

From time to time, the schools in the Central Region (Quebec and Ontario), plan a Central Regional Conference held in the month of November.  Member schools are invited to submit bids to host the event and one of the proposals is selected by the COCA Board of Directors to run the conference. COCA staff work closely with the host school to help ensure a successful event.

Schools in the Eastern and Western regions hold meetings of members during the school year in order to consider possible block booking of entertainers, and to discuss issues of common concern to campuses in their respective regions. These meetings are organized under the guidance of the regional representatives on the COCA Board of Directors.

Please choose from the links below for more information on the upcoming Student Life Summit or to view historical information from past conferences.

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