Showcase Information

Showcase Terms & Conditions

Indemnity / Policies and Procedures

The registrant/applicant hereby agrees to hold harmless and indemnify COCA and the Conference facility against any and all costs, claims, damages, and expenses (including attorney's fees), of whatsoever nature, arising from or related to the violation by the registrant/applicant of any of the policies or procedures of COCA, or any act or omission of the registrant/applicant at or in connection with the Conference. The term "applicant/registrant" includes the person submitting the application as well as any other person or persons appearing at or attending the Conference in connection with the party applying. Applicants/registrants agree by signing this application that they have read, understand and will adhere to the Policies and Procedures of the COCA national conference known as the Student Life Summit.


Although COCA strives to make all events accessible to all participants, including individuals with a disability or special need where reasonably possible, not all special needs may be accommodated at all sites. If you desire special services because of a disability, handicap or special need, please indicate the special service(s) and email COCA as early as possible and AT LEAST SIX WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the first day of the event. If the Organization is unable to provide the special service(s) you requested and you do not attend the event for this reason, the Association will refund your registration fee.

Delegate Responsibility

Attendance at showcase events is voluntary, and it is the responsibility of the attendee to determine whether a particular event poses a risk to the attendee. Some element of risk may be associated with some showcase events. Some events may include hypnosis and some individuals may be more susceptible to hypnosis than others. The attendee accepts all responsibility for all consequences associated with attending showcase events and COCA is held harmless against all claims arising from any result of attending a showcase event.


Showcase performances may not be videotaped by any conference delegate or other attendee (other than COCA employees and contractors). Delegates and attendees are subject to temporary confiscation of video equipment in the event they violate this policy. COCA is not responsible for any damage or loss associated with confiscated equipment.

COCA photographs conference activities and attendees. These photographs may be used in any COCA promotional materials and publications, and on the COCA Web site, as well as in other COCA publications. By attending the Conference, you give us your permission to use photographs in which you and your act appear for these purposes.