2024 National Conference

2024 Education Support Call-Out


We’re looking for some ambitious folks who are looking to get more involved with the conference as hosts of sessions, or presenters on topics that they have an inspiring and creative solution to. 

The following are the items we need people for, and a brief description for each: 

Conference Sessions

1.     Steal This Idea Panel

o   This is a recurring session at the COCA National Conference. The very heart of COCA is sharing ideas, and working as a community. So, does your SA have an awesome idea, or way of doing things? Share it! … so the rest of us can steal it and use it. We need a host for this session, does that sound like you?

2.     Showcases 

o   At the National Conference we’ll be having an artist showcase every day. That said, we need some awesome folks to introduce each artist. Are you comfortable with the mic in front of a crowd? Let us know! 

Ed Sessions

1.     Low Budget / No budget events

o   Are you struggling to come up with engaging, fresh programming on a shoestring budget?  Come learn how to put together a dynamic and successful calendar of events while working  with a small budget.

2.     Student Social Media Teams

o   Do you have a successful solution to the creation of a student social media staff member or team? We’re looking for someone to run an Ed Session on this topic! 

3.     Instagram Followers to Engaged Students

o   It is one thing to have your posts be incredibly successful, it is another to turn those likes into election votes or service usage. Does your SA have this down to a fine art? 

4.     Organizing Campus Clubs & Communities (Clubs 101)

o   Having a good system in place to help manage your student groups is vital to success. This session will review everything from club administration, finances, and fundraising to grant applications and room bookings. 

5.     Club Collaborations / Cultural Clubs working together on Campus

o   As our industry advances, clubs are becoming more and more important on our campuses. It is important for them all to exist cohesively. How does your SA do this? Have a solution?

6.     Inclusive Campus Life 

o   Student individuality has never been more important. What’s your SA’s secret to mastering inclusive campus life?

7.     Difficult Clubs

o   We’ve all dealt with them. We’ve all encountered them. What does your SA do differently that makes the situation easier for everyone?


The magic of COCA is members helping members and all of us working together. 
If you have a solution to any of the above, or want to get involved with the conference sessions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to