With an in person conference cancelled, will my organization be able to receive a refund for any registrations?

Everybody who is already registered for the conference may request a refund at this time by emailing Josh Clark at  While the board of directors works towards a revised plan to deliver a conference experience to our membership, you may opt to remain registered and if there is a difference in registration fees they will be refunded at that time. 

If the main conference does not happen, will there be a bigger regional version this coming fall?

Rescheduling the Student Life Summit to the same time frame as the Central Region would typically hold their regional conference is an option being considered by the Board of Directors.  

Will Awards still happen this year?

COCA will continue running the annual awards program and Awards will be handed out to winners.  The staging of an awards show is still unknown at this time. 

How will Elections work this year?

COCA will run an AGM regardless of live or virtual conference.  The AGM will include Board of Directors elections.  We are currently working through the options to determine the best way to run the AGM and faciliate voting.  If you are interested in running for the board, please reach out to your regional or associate directors. 

What can I do to continue to support COCA?

You can renew your membership.  Maintaining your connection to COCA will allow us to all continue network, and work to provide the best experience to our students in the future when we are past this situation. 

If you’re not seeing the answer to a question you might still have, please email: