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Struggling with Virtual Events? How to Make Your Next Event a Smash Success
April 28, 2021

The idea of hosting a virtual event may be overwhelming at times (maybe even discouraging) regardless of how many events you’ve held previously. Maybe you're not getting the turnouts you were hoping for, or maybe you have thoughts such as ‘Will people show up?’, ‘Do people want to spend more time in front of their screens?’ leading up to the event. 


By now you've probably thrown at least one virtual event. You’ve probably learned some things for yourself along the way, however, if you’re looking for some extra tips here are three ways you can make your next virtual event even better! 




This may seem like a small factor, but it is often one that is overlooked. However, great lighting can be a complete game-changer. Investing in a ring-light for the host and anyone else who will be on camera will help make the virtual event brighter (figurately and literally, no one wants to look at a hard-to-see screen). 


Avoid harsh overhead lighting, and instead, go for lighting both in front and behind the person on camera. If there is only one light source the subject may end up being very over-exposed and washed out. You want people to easily see what they are looking at.


Lighting can also help you to set the mood or tone of the event. This could be as simple as adjusting from warm tones, to cool tones, or investing in colour-changing LED lights, and using colour theory to help set the mood.   




This may seem obvious but, you want to hold your virtual event when students will be available to tune in. This will vary and you will want to look into when students have classes, when they are online most often, and when they will be able to tune into an event. You can easily find this out simply by asking students, post a poll on social media and see what they have to say. 


Set goals for your event


It's important to remember that there is more to an event than just 'how many people show up’. Try setting goals that aren't solely focused on the numbers. 


Students, like many of us, are tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated. They most likely don't have time for every single event you plan. This can be very discouraging if your only goal is focused on numbers. Instead, your goal for an event could be to help de-stress students, If even one student walks away from that event feeling more at ease and less stressed, you have positively impacted their life and accomplished your goal. 


Running virtual events can be tricky (even more so than in-person events) but it’s not impossible. Try out some of these tips during, leading up, and/or after your next event, and let us know how it turned out!

Written by Rachel Robb