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Different Ways You Can Keep Students Virtually Engaged
March 17, 2021

How to Keep Students Virtually Engaged With Your Student Association


College is meant to be more than just class, it’s full of different experiences! However, many students may feel like they are currently missing out on these experiences – campus concerts, on-campus events, clubs, etc. The virtual world we are currently living in can be exhausting. Zoom fatigue, social media overload, and a seemingly endless number of online classes. With students spending all day in front of the screen how can you keep them engaged with your student association and provide them the full college experience?


Here are a few tips…


Encourage students to ‘Invite a friend.’

We all have experienced how awkward it can feel to go to an event on your own, or maybe you’ve wanted to go but didn’t because you had no one to go with. Sure, they can’t see each other in person, but it’s always more fun to attend an event with someone you know. This will help students to feel more connected and avoid that awkward ‘not knowing anyone at the party’ feeling.


Hold a contest, offer a prize, or give out swag.

Holding a contest on social media or giving prizes and swag at the end of an event or workshop is a great incentive for more students to come. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?


Build an inclusive community.

Ask questions, find out what your students need or want, and make them feel like they really do have a say. Use stickers, polls, questions, and quizzes on social media to find out what your students need right now. Keep these fun and lighthearted sometimes too. Yes, some questions may be more serious than others (ex. how can we help you get the most out of your Health and Dental plan?), but every once in awhile students will need a break from the ‘heavy’.


Encourage students to share their thoughts on an event or workshop.

Ask them to snap a photo and share it to stories or email it to you to use later. Create a hashtag for a specific event. User-generated content is always more inviting.


Meet students where they are.

Be available for students to reach out to you. Try implementing a live chat feature on your website, reply to comments and messages on social. Make things easy for them to find.


We hope these tips will help you, in helping students to receive the full college experience and be more virtually engaged.

Written by: Rachel Robb - Mohawk Students Association - Mohawk College