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COVID-19 Update from COCA
March 31, 2020

In-Person Conference in June Cancelled

Ok. This decision really sucked. It was hard to make. We didn’t want to make it, but we ultimately had no other options.

We have decided that an in-person conference on the current June dates for the 2020 Student Life Summit is just not feasible. Now that we have the heavy news out of the way, let’s talk about what we can do next.

The biggest goal that COCA strives to achieve, each and every day, is how can we best support our membership. In this unprecedented time, support and assistance is needed now more than ever before.  With that being said, and acknowledging we will be unable to run an in person conference in June, we are pursuing every avenue possible to maintain the 2020 Student Life Summit.

The Student Life Summit is more than just an annual conference. It is a connection of like minded individuals who share the same goal: enhance student life on campus. This comes with a very specific and unique set of challenges and situations that you won’t find in any other industry. That is why it is so important that we figure out a way to still deliver a conference experience to you our membership.

We also understand that in these current times, there is a significant amount of uncertainty within our industry. Uncertainty surrounding job security, budget alterations, and what kind of events you can even hold next year.  While we rely heavily on the decisions our Board of Directors make, in this situation, we want to turn it over to you. You’re our membership; how do you want US to help YOU?

The following is a link for a quick and simple survey.  The results of this survey will help guide the boards decision how to best move forward: Student Life Summit Survey

We will also be producing an FAQ around this situation on our website: COVID-19 FAQ 

Of course, we are always here to help, if only to be someone to listen... So connect with us on FB and Instagram @Yourcoca. We have set up a community group on our Facebook Account for our membership to connect and discuss this situation.  For some further information, recently a group of campus members met to discuss the COVID-19 situation and here is a link to the notes from that meeting:  Campus Event Meeting re: COVID-19

We know many of our associate members are currently waiting for a showcase announcement, and we apologize for the delay. We will have more information on how we will proceed with showcasing and providing value to our associate members in the coming days as decisions are made around how we will present the Student Life Summit this year. 

In the meantime, on behalf of the entire Board of Directions, please stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy.

Warm Regards,

Josh Clark
Executive Director 
Canadian Organization of Campus Activities