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Blog on Blogs for a Blog
March 11, 2020

This blog post will be some Inception level writing. Ok, maybe not that brilliant, but what I’m getting at is that this blog post will discuss the importance of blogs, while being posted… on a blog. So, in short a blog on blogs, for a blog. 

Before we dive right in, let’s take a step back and talk about the importance of student generated content for your SA. While we’re all great at what we do, many of us in communications are not students (ok, we’re always students of life, but let's not get philosophical here), and as such we don’t necessarily speak ‘student’ anymore either. 

We can create brilliant content with great engaging copy, but at the end of the day a student speaks ‘student’. So here’s the trick to getting great student generated content: 

Step 1. Hire students. Step 2. High five yourself for hiring students to make student created content. 

Ok, now that you have your awesome student(s) working for your communications team, you can now have them begin to pump out some great content! 

Given that this blog post is about making blog posts, lets actually get down to the whole ‘blog writing’ part of this post. 

There has been a lot of success in the creation of great online content, in examples like ‘Narcity’ and ‘Buzzfeed’ who pump out daily lifestyle content that generates a LOT of interaction. While life on campus isn’t necessarily going to hit their levels right away, the theory is sound. Create content about student life on campus. 

As student associations, we are tackling a lot of different areas when it comes to what we’re promoting. One second it’s a pub night or concert, the next an advocacy lobbying initiative, and the next it’s student mental health initiatives… and don’t forget the new chicken wrap special in the campus pub. So, having a student or two to write about either student life, or topics that are important to your SA, is crucial. 

As an example: Grad Photos. Not overly the most exciting, or riveting topic to talk about. Insert student staff member (it helps if the student is graduating soon). Have that student write a ‘student perspective’ blog post on the process of Grad Photos. Have them walk a student through how to book an appointment, what to wear, how the shoot goes, package options, and of course the final product. The company you’re working with will love it, the student will get to go through the process, and now you’ve got fresh, sharable content for IG story, your website, and your SAs Facebook Page. 

The crucial part about the writing style is to have your student write as though they’re talking to their friends about the topic they’re writing about. The more naturally it is written, the more likely a student is going to give a crap about it, and actually read it. 

The best part about working for student associations is that we don’t have to take ourselves as seriously as our respective institutions have to. So, our content - and in this case blog posts - can be VERY casually written. 

Once you’ve got a couple of solid posts written, you can start periodically sharing them throughout your social media platforms. The best part about this is it generates shares and interaction on social, but ultimately drives traffic back to your website. 2 birds, one beautifully shiny and accurate stone. 

So go get yourself some students, get them to write about the amazing things your SA is doing (or just how ugh exam week is, and how to prepare for it) and get started on further building on-campus interaction!

Written by: 
Andy Hall
Marketing Communications Manager
Niagara College
COCA Central Director