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New Name, Who Dis?
January 21, 2020

What’s new at this year’s Student Life Summit

You may have noticed that the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities, aka COCA is launching a new conference experience for student leaders and professionals in the field of events, marketing and club administration for student associations across Canada.  
This year’s Student Life Summit will take place in Waterloo, Ontario and is hosted by the Laurier Students’ Union at Wilfred Laurier University.

So, what’s with the change and what can you expect when you attend?
For the first time ever, the Student Life Summit will take place in its entirety on a university campus.  So, from educations sessions in classrooms during the day, live entertainment showcases in the Turret, Wilf’s or Maxwell’s at night, and then to top it all off, overnight accommodations in Laurier’s student residence!  Grab a breath of fresh air and walk around campus to explore—all amenities are within walking distance!  This is sure to be an immersive experience like no other, submerging you right into the full student life experience of living on campus—hence the name.
Not only will staying on campus reflect efficiently in cost for professional development for your students’ association, but it will provide you with an all-around student life experience—take notice of the marketing platforms and tools used around campus, check out the venues where students eat and enjoy entertainment and where they hang out and sleep like you’ve never seen it before. This experience will provide you with first hand student experience and the tools you need to bring your student offerings full circle.

At this year’s Student Life Summit, we also wanted to provide a cost effective conference experience, so we’ve covered more meals throughout the summit to ensure our delegates are getting more for their money with less hassle and stress about finding a meal around town that fits your budget and time constraints.

We’re so excited to bring you the new and improved Student Life Summit and we can’t wait to see you all in Waterloo for an amazing week of networking and learning!

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Devin Hurst
St. Clair College - Windsor